Stark The Shark

Welcome to the ‘Tank’.  Although we don’t keep our fish captives, we do enjoy looking at what they are up to.  In here you can learn about the sport of Skeleton, follow along on the crazy journeys of travel, community outreach, global health, help with many of the crazy projects that you can find out about here, Join the ‘PUP Patrol’, even get bitten with shark fever.


1)No Sharks were harmed in the making of this website.

2)We do encourage feeding the sharks (see feed the sharks page)

3)Beware! Although the sharks don’t bite or attack onlookers, by looking around you do waive the responsibility of this site and any one listed on it from any liability (should you provoke them in such a way).

4)If you catch shark fever, know that it s contagious so please ensure that you spread this fever so you don’t have to go through this fever alone.

5)Obviously, we like to have fun so please feel free to do so yourself.

6)Swim at your own risk!

Beware of Sharks
Brad Starkey-
Photo by Dallying Dot Photography