Stark the shark

Welcome to the ‘PUP PATROL’!  Thats right this page is dedicated to the pups!  On this page you will find lots of pup project information, how to become an official member of the ‘Pup Patrol’, and even links to some cool (pup friendly) sites that you can learn more about our oceans and how to save the sharks and other fish and wildlife!  
I hope you pups are ready for the adventure because in order to succeed we need all the ‘Pup Patrol’ members we can get.   So let’s put our fins together and take care of out oceans!

Q: Why ‘PUP’
A:  Baby and young sharks are called pups!
PUP Patrol

ATTENTION PUPS get your artist hat on!  Its time to design a helmet!  This year UTMB PUPs can enter for a chance to design my helmet that will be worn all season! The winner(s) of the design will get a special ‘StarktheShark’ prize and your design will be used in the creation of my helmet.  With your art I will be able to make sure my head stays safe and I will look pretty darn cool with your design on my head!  The best part of it is you will be helping raise money for other UTMB Pups in the future!

1)	You must be a UTMB Pup to qualify for the Grand prize.  
   a.	Not a UTMB Pup- no problem make a design and see if you win the honorable mention prize!
2)	You must be under the age of 18 yrs old.
3)	It must be your own masterpiece.
4)	Make sure you get your parents permission before you participate!

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for more information, email Brad at  or Contact me
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The PUP Patrol saves sharks
  The Jason Project
Shark Week!
Have a PUP friendly site.  It could be here!
Your Mission: